ChibiOS/HAL  7.1.5
Giovanni Di Sirio (


  • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) supporting numerous high level device drivers abstracting common features in modern MCUs.
  • Driver models for: ADC, CAN, DAC, EXT, GPT, I2C, I2S, ICU, MAC, MMC, PAL, PWM, RTC, SDC, Serial, UART, USB, USB-CDC, SPI, ST, WDG.
  • Abstraction of streams.
  • Abstraction of block devices.
  • The drivers can be ported to virtually any MCU architecture thanks to an high level API.
  • The HAL can be used with or without an RTOS.
  • The HAL can be adapted to any reasonable RTOS thanks to an Operating System Abstraction Layer (OSAL). ChibiOS/RT and ChibiOS/NIL are supported out of the box.