ChibiOS/EX  1.2.0
Giovanni Di Sirio (
Rocco Marco Guglielmi (
Theodore Ateba (


  • EXternal devices (EX) supporting numerous devices external to the MCU abstracting common devices which are part of modern embedded systems.
  • EX resides on top of HAL which offers, among others, a set of abstract interfaces like Generic Sensor, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Barometer, Thermometer: EX offers a phisical implementation of them.
  • Currently STMicroelectronics supported devices are:
    • HTS221: Capacitive digital humidity sensor;
    • L3GD20: 3-axis digital gyroscope;
    • LIS3DSH: 3-axis digital motion sensor;
    • LIS3MDL: Ultra low power, high performances 3-axis magnetometer;
    • LIS302DL: 3-axis motion sensor;
    • LPS25H: Piezoresistive 260-1260 hPa pressure sensor;
    • LSM6DS0: 6-axis iNEMO inertial module;
    • LSM303DLHC: Ultra compact high performance e-compass;
  • Currently Micron Technology supported devices are:
    • M25Q: Serial NOR Flash;
  • Currently Bosch supported devices are:
    • BMP085: Digital pressure sensor;